The feeding bottle

The fact that breastfeeding is the ideal way nutrition for infants, but it happens often not feasible … A very good alternative if a mother can not breastfeed are formula feeding. This mode of infant feeding requires to continuously observed all the rules of hygiene and following very carefully all instructions provided by the experts. When a mother decides to start feeding her child with bottle, should quickly adopt a very good regular cleaning, sterilization, preparation and administration of milk.

There are many different milk preparations on the market, which are administered to children under the guidance of experts according to the needs of each child. Whatever use every mother should not forget that infants breastfed baby bottles are more prone to infections than those breast-fed from the breast. For this reason should be given great attention to hygiene.

How is the proper preparation of milk:
• Wash thoroughly your hands.
• Gather all items that need and sterilize them thoroughly.
• Put some water to boil and let it cool.
• Do not boil the water several times, because it may contain metal salts.
• Put the right amount of warm boiled water in the bottle making sure you have the correct temperature.
• Add the correct amount of milk formulation using the dispenser and a knife to remove the excess.
• Do not use the milk you prepared for more than one hour and always discard the remaining milk.
• Always test the milk before giving it to the baby dropping a few drops of it on the inside of your wrist, so make sure it is slightly warm.
• To keep warm milk for a while you can use an electric heater or bottles to place the bottle in a pan of hot water for a few minutes (bain-marie).
• Do not use a microwave oven to warm milk because the bottle may seem cool, but the content warms up much more than ideal.
• Do not keep warm milk for more than one hour because bacteria grow rapidly in warm milk and often cause upset stomach in infants.
• Store upright bottles unless you use them directly.
• Sterilize again all equipment before use.

Evi Balamoti
Managing Dietetic Unit Dietnet

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