The proper nutrition compared to cold

Diet is an important, useful and very interesting part of our life, after playing a key role in physical and mental health but also to shield our body against the cold! That is why the diet should include adequate amounts and variety of foods that can our organization to meet the cold and to perform metabolic functions.
Cold with seasonal diseases result in throwing the immune system defenses. The solution to all this is the correct and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It has been shown in practice that some foods are beneficial for our body in situations of extreme temperatures that make us prone to colds.
The chicken tops the list of foods for days with severe cold for two reasons. Firstly containing zinc because the chicken which strengthens our immune system. Secondly containing liquids and hydrates our body because on days with intense cold, dry the skin and mucous while our thirst decreases and we do not drink enough water. If even one put a little pepper in the dish then induce thermogenesis in the body and helps the body to warm up faster. Finally, for those who already have a cold warm soup soothes the troubled by the throat coughs.
Generally our body needs energy in the cold because the metabolism increases slightly due to the shaky (known as jitter) caused when cold. The fastest source of energy for the body is carbohydrates! So it would be in our soup not put only vegetables but also add rice or potatoes or pasta of your choice.
Also important for the treatment of cold is vitamin C (or ascorbic acid). Citrus is ideal for increasing the daily intake of vitamin C, known to strengthen the immune system. Fruits such as kiwi and oranges are rich in vitamin C. So the cold days of winter it is good to start our day with one-squeezed orange juice and vitamin C that contains hydrating the body helping to avoid annoying peeling skin.
It is therefore very important that we make sure that our daily diet to include all those nutrients that protect our health and contribute to a better functioning of our body.

Nutritional Dietnet Unit
Balamoti D. Christina
Clinical Nutritionist Dietitian
Honors Harokopio University of Athens

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