The summary (abstract) of the study on NK cells published in the prestigious international scientific journal The International Journal for Experimental and Clinical Reproductive Immunobiology

Immunotropic diet suppresses Natural Killer Cell number and activity. A case report

G. Perros1, P. Tzonis1, C. Mpalamoti2, T. Keramitsoglou1, V. Kontopoulou-Antonopoulou1,3, M. Varla-Leftherioti1,3

1Immunobiology, Helena Venizelou Maternity Hospital, Athens, Greece

2Nutrition, Helena Venizelou Maternity Hospital, Athens, Greece

3RSA Clinic, Helena Venizelou Maternity Hospital, Athens, Greece

Introduction : Intralipid a fat emulsions used for parental nutrition has been suggested as a therapeutic option to modulate abnormal NK activity in women with reproductive problems. As Intralipid provides a source of calories and essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid) we designed an equivalent immunotropic diet and tested its effect in a woman with infertility problems and elevated numbers of peripheral blood NK cells and NK cell activity.

Case Description : A 33- year – old woman who had undergone 5 intra uterine insemination and 4 IVF attempts, all unsuccessful and unexplained. Laboratory results revealed elevated numbers of peripheral blood NK cells in repeated measurements (CD 3- CD 15+56+:26.7% and CD 3- CD 15+56+:24,4%) . The NK cells’ cytotoxic activity was found also elevated compared to controls (31.0% vs 13.0% and 21.8% vs 13.2%). All other hematological and biochemical tests were normal. An immunotropic and for weight maintenance diet was designed specifically for her, containing 30% fat most of it coming from essential fatty acids. The 70.3 gr of fat derived from the daily intake and the other 8.7 gr from a liquid supplement administrated per os. After treated with the diet for 15 days, the levels of peripheral blood NK cells and NK activity were reduced (CD 3- CD 15+56+:18,5%, ΝΚ activity 18,4% vs 13.9%) ). The patient continued the diet for another 24 days and a new measurement revealed a further reduction of NK cells’ number and activity ( CD 3- CD 15+56+:16.5%, ΝΚ activity 17.8% vs 14.0%). NK cell reduction continued and 8 weeks after the discontinuation of the diet were 13.7% and ΝΚ activity 15.3% vs 13.5%. No other index was affected.

Discussion: The above case suggests that an immunotropic diet based on the substances composing Intralipid has a similar suppressive effect on NK cells and can be considered as an alternative therapeutic option to modulate NK activity in women with reproductive failure.

Dietetic Unit Dietnet

Balamoti Christina D.

Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist

Distinguished of Harokopio University of Athens

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