Clinical Dietician – Nutritionist Balamoti Christina D., Msc

Born in Trikala of Thessalia in Greece, in 1979, graduated from the 3rd General Lyceum of Trikala with degree of certificate of studies “excellent” and in 1998 I was admitted in the Department of Diet and Nutrition Science of the “Charokopeion” University of Athens. In July 2002 I acquired the Academic Title of Study on Diet and Nutrition Science with degree “excellent”. During the academic year of 2002, I worked out my practice exercise in the Saint Sofia (children’s), the Child Health Institute, the “Red Cross” and “Sismanogleio” hospitals. At the same time I participated in the Health Education Program for public schools. The same year I elaborated an experimental study on the bioavailability of antioxidant substances in the blood. The conclusions from the above study contributed in the development of the method for studying bioavailability in the blood of polyfenol plant products and were presented in the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Congress of Free Roots and Oxidant stress that took place on 3-5 October 2002 in the “Charokopeio” University of Athens.

Μπαλαμωτή Χριστίνα

At the same time, I began working as a scientific assistant, responsible in a well known nutrition center. Also, I collaborated with the magazine “Super Katerina” where I published an article on nutritional issues, while during the season 2003 – 2004, I was a scientific collaborator in the TV channel “ALTER” for the emission “An apple daily” with the journalist Leonidas Kalidonis.

I attended the postgraduate study program on “Applied Dietology-Nutrition” of the Diet and Nutrition Science class of the “Charokopeion” University of Athens.  In July 2004, I acquired the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization on Applied Dietology and Nutrition, with specialization on Clinical Diet and she graduated with 9,1 (excellent) degree, classified as first in class for the year. During the postgraduate studies I was a scholar of the “Charokopeion” University as well as of the “Alexandros S. Onassis” Beneficial Institution.    I have collaborated with the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, at the 10th Alcoholics’ Kiosk, where I worked out on a research for the evaluation of nutritional situation of alcoholic individuals. Also, I have written a thesis on micro-components (polyfenolic antioxidant substances) in herbal teas of the Greek countryside.

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